Sl. NoName of the LaboratoryArea of the Laboratory (Sq.m)Major Equipment’s
1Electronic Devices and Circuits Laboratory132RPS-Single & Dual, CRO, Storage Oscilloscope, Function Generators
2Electrical Machines Laboratory300D.C. Shunt, Series & Compound Motor
D.C Motor – Generator set- Shunt, Series & Compound Motor
D.C. Motor – Alternator set
Synchronous Motor coupled to DC Motor
Single Phase & Three Phase ( Squirrel Cage & Slip Ring ) Induction Motor
Transformers-Single & Three Phase
Auto Transformer-Single & Three Phase
Resistive Load- Single & Three Phase
Inductive Load
Capacitive Load

3Control And Instrumentation Laboratory132Process Control Simulator
Lead Lag Compensator
Design of PID Controller
DC Servomotor Controller
Transfer Function of Two Phase Servo Motor
Stability Analysis of Linear System
Temperature Control System
Synchro Transmitter Receiver Trainer
Digital Simulation of Linear System
Stepper Motor Control System
DC & AC Position Controller systems
Analog Simulation of Type-0 & Type-1 System
Wheatstone Bridge Kit
Anderson’s Bridge Kit
Schering Bridge Kit
Kelvin’s Bridge Kit
Instrumentation Amplifier Trainer Kit
A/D Converter Kit & D/A Converter Kit
4Power Electronics Laboratory99Device characteristics of SCR, MOSFET, TRIAC & IGBT
SCR Firing Circuit Module
Single Phase SCR Based Half Controlled and Fully Controlled Converter
MOSFET Based Step Up and Step Down Choppers
IGBT Based Single and Three Phase PWM Inverter Module
IGBT Based High Switching Frequency Chopper Module with Built-in Controller
Resonant DC-DC Converter Module with Built in Power Supply
SCR Based V/I Commuted Chopper Module with Firing Module
Dual Regulated DC Power Supply
Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
Isolation Transformer
Three Phase Half and Fully Controlled Converter
5Power System Simulation Laboratory99Intel Core 2Duo Processor,
1GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Disk