Sl.NoName of the Laboratory Area of the Laboratory
( Sq.m)
Major Equipment’s
1.       Electronic Devices, Circuits and Simulation 132Soldering Guns, CRO, AFO,
RPS, PC, Digital Multimeter,
Telephone & FM, Ammeter
& Voltmeter, Digital Storage
2.       Digital Electronics 180IC Trainer Kit, IC Tester kit
3.       Linear Integrated Circuits Lab180Op-Amp Trainer Kit, CRO, AFO
, Regulated Power Supply,
PLL Trainer Kit,
Analog IC Tester Kit,
Digital Storage Oscilloscope
4.       Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab1808085 Microprocessor,
8086 Microprocessor,
8051 Microcontroller,
8255 Interface board,
8279 Interface board,
8253/8251 Interface Board,
Stepper motor Interface board,
DC motor interfaceBoard,
ADC & DAC Interface board,
Traffic light board
5.       Digital Signal Processing Lab99TMS320C50 kit, TMS320C5416 kit,
TMS320C6713 kit, CRO & AFO, PC
6.       Digital Communication 132AM & FM Transceiver Kit, PAM,
PPM, PWM Trainer Kits, PCM, DM,
ADM Trainer Kit, Line Coding and
Decoding Kit, ASK, PSK, FSK & QPSK
Trainer Kits, Sampling & TDM Trainer
Kit, DPCM Trainer Kit, Yagi, Loop
Antenna, PLL & Frequency Synthesizer
Trainer Kit, FDM Trainer Kit,
Pre – emphasis and de-emphasis Trainer
Kit, PC, Digital Multimeter, CRO & AFO,
Regulated Power supply , Digital Storage
7.       Networks 99Lan Trainer Kit, Wireless LAN card, PC
8.       Electronic System Design 132Buck-Boost & Fly-back Converter Kit,
AM & FM Kit, Wireless Data MODEM
Trainer Kit, Process Control Timer Kit,
Home Security Trainer Kit
9.       Optical and Microwave 132LED and Photodiode Trainer Kit,
Analog and Digital Transceiver Kit,
Microwave Workbench, Horn
Antenna, Gunn Oscillator
10.  Embedded system lab99ARM 9 Development Kit, Zigbee
Trainer Kit, Actel Fusion
Development Kit
11.  VLSI Design 99FPGA & CPLD Trainer Kit, Alterra Cyclone II Kit, PC

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